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Workers’ Compensation Overview

Workers’ Comp Dos And Don’ts

We at Glass & Korein, LLC, pride ourselves on our experience with and knowledge of workers’ compensation cases. Our lawyers represent the interests of workers who have sustained slip-and-fall injuries, an injury from heavy lifting or a repetitive/cumulative stress injury (RSI). We can also provide you with information regarding the defense medical exam and the entire workers’ compensation process.

Common Dos And Don’ts After A Work Injury

Below are some of the common do’s and don’ts you should know about. Contact an attorney at our firm today for additional information.

DO: Provide your manager or supervisor with immediate notice of your injury. Be specific in reporting the details, such as what you were lifting, how you were lifting or what you slipped on.

DO: Remember the names of any co-workers who saw the accident or heard your report and get their contact information.

DON’T: Don’t assume you need to claim that some person caused the accident. Fault is not a factor in establishing your rights.

DON’T: Don’t wait to see a medical professional after the accident. Long gaps between injury and treatment make the claim difficult to prove.

DO: You have the right to see your own doctor after the incident without having to be cleared by a company medical professional. Be specific with the doctor about your injuries, especially in a case of repetitive trauma.

DON’T: Don’t be afraid to tell your treater about pre-existing problems with the same injured body part. But make sure to distinguish the old symptoms/condition from the new injury.

DO: Be aware of surveillance. The defense can have someone observe your behavior and actions at any time.

DON’T: Don’t submit to a recorded interview with the employer, his or her insurance carrier, or his or her defense attorney. The law does not require it. This tactic can only allow him or her to use anything you say against you.

DO: Always get current written notes from your doctor showing specific restrictions and work status. Carry a copy with you at all times in order to avoid hassles if you are asked to exceed your restrictions while assigned to light duty.

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