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Workers’ Compensation Overview

Belleville Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

For years, you have woken up, gone to work and earned a living for yourself and your family. Now, after suffering a work injury, where can you turn? Who can you trust to look out for your interests? Who will listen to you?

At Glass & Korein, LLC, we have a tremendous reputation for standing up for the rights of injured workers in Belleville, Mt. Vernon, Woodriver and throughout Illinois. The workers’ compensation process may seem overwhelming, but you are not alone. To speak to an experienced Belleville workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm, call us today at 618-216-5218 or toll free 888-504-7059.

Know Your Rights And Responsibilities After Suffering A Work-Related Injury

We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an injured worker. For answers to some of the more common workers’ compensation questions, see:

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Laws, Protecting Workers.

Employers and their insurance carriers continue to look for ways to weaken laws that protect injured workers in Illinois. As a result, laws continue to change, which makes it more important than ever to have an experienced attorney handling your case. For more information on specific areas of workers’ compensation law and how they impact your situation, see:

Madison County Work Injury Lawyers

The first step in making sure you get the benefits you need is to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. The next step is to contact us for a free and confidential call or meeting regarding your workers’ compensation claim. We work for you on a contingency fee basis; you will not pay us unless and until we have collected what you’re entitled to under the Illinois laws written to protect you.