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Workers’ Compensation Overview

Repetitive Use & Cumulative Injuries

If your job involves repetitive tasks and you have been injured due to those tasks, you may qualify for workers’ compensation. Even if you have other medical issues that can contribute to your medical problem, you may still be entitled to compensation if your repetitive work activity is also a contributing factor to that medical condition. Company representatives often contest workers’ compensation claims for those who have suffered repetitive use injuries because they consider such injuries difficult to prove.

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Workers’ Compensation For Repetitive Use Injury or Cumulative Trauma

Even if you are not repeating the same activity over and again, you could still suffer a repetitive use injury. A sequence of tasks, or consecutive tasks, over an entire day can cause injury. Employers can downplay the significance of what people do on a cumulative basis, but you may still be entitled to compensation. There are a number of ways that people have been injured at work regarding repetitive or cumulative activity, including:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Radial tunnel syndrome
  • Repetitive twisting injuries (knee)
  • Repetitive lifting injuries (lower back)
  • Overuse of a noninjured, opposite arm or hand
  • Gait alteration causing injury to the otherwise uninjured leg
  • Sustained awkward positioning of the neck

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is not specific to any workplace environment, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, but is often seen in factory work that involves assembly lines. Carpal tunnel syndrome generally starts slowly, but as symptoms worsen, it can have a stronger impact on your ability to work. You may not be able to perform manual tasks or tell the difference between a hot and cold touch. You might feel numbness or tingling in certain parts of your hands. The muscles of your thumb may deteriorate or you may lose strength in your grip. Our attorneys have worked with a number of clients suffering from work-related carpal tunnel injuries. If your work is a contributing factor to your condition, your employer may try to deny you workers’ compensation. We will fight for you. Our attorneys care about your rights as an employee.

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