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Workers’ Compensation Overview

Workers’ Compensation: Stress, Anxiety And Depression

As you pursue your rights under Illinois workers’ compensation laws, it is natural to be stressed, anxious and even depressed as you deal with the changes in your life and what can be a frightening legal process. As humans, we all feel stress, anxiety or fear about the unfamiliar or things beyond our control. It is important to have a lawyer on your side whom you can trust to look out for your interests at all times.

Belleville Workers’ Compensation Stress Attorneys

At Glass & Korein, LLC, we provide skilled, compassionate representation to injured workers throughout the St. Louis area, Central Illinois and Southern Illinois. We commit ourselves to leveling the playing field for our clients and fighting for the maximum compensation they are entitled to for their disabling conditions.

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Anxiety and Depression Lawyers: St. Clair County

A person’s job often means much more than simply a place to spend 40 or more hours a week and earn a paycheck. Work provides a sense of dignity, purpose and self-esteem. It may also be the place where we develop friendships with co-workers we rely upon and who rely upon us. Going from being the family breadwinner to being unable to lift a child can understandably be a difficult experience for an injured worker.

It is normal to have low points while making an effort to recover from a work injury, complete physical or vocational rehabilitation, and deal with uncooperative employers and insurance companies. We understand this and do everything in our power to efficiently resolve these matters so our clients can return to as normal a life as possible or get them the professional help needed if “their idea of “normal” cannot be met due to a work injury that was not their fault.

If your work-related injury has led to symptoms of anxiety, depression or other psychological issues, you are entitled to counseling or other necessary psychological or psychiatric assistance as part of your workers’ compensation rights.

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