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What Is Odd-Lot Permanent Total Disability?

When a worker is deemed completely unable to work in any capacity due to a disability, he or she will qualify for permanent total disability benefits. However, many injured workers do not understand that they do not have to have one particular injury that renders them totally disabled; they may qualify for “odd lot” permanent total disability.

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What Is Odd-Lot Permanent Total Disability?

Odd-lot permanent total disability refers to those who have been given permanent medical restrictions by their physicians and, after a good faith effort, have demonstrated they are unable to find work based on a combination of their permanent restrictions, age, education and lack of transferable skills. These odd-lot claims are actually more common than “traditional” permanent total disability claims filed by people who have suffered a 100 percent loss of two body parts or been told by a physician that they can never return to any form of work.

For odd-lot claims to be successful, employees must prove that their condition, permanent restrictions and other factors render them unable to perform services for which there is a reasonably stable labor market. On the other hand, employers’ representatives seeking to deny the odd-lot claim must prove that the injured worker is in fact able to perform work for which there is a reasonably steady labor market.

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