Injuries & Disabling Conditions

Workers’ Compensation Overview

Belleville Vocational Rehabilitation Attorneys

Workers’ compensation is about more than simply providing financial benefits to those who have suffered work-related injuries and those who are disabled. A crucial component of these benefits is designed to provide injured workers who can no longer return to their chosen craft with a chance to receive help in the process of choosing a new career, including the ability to learn new skills that will allow them to re-enter the workforce.

At Glass & Korein, LLC, we focus on helping our clients in Belleville, Mt. Vernon, Woodriver and throughout Central Illinois and Southern Illinois level the playing field in workers’ compensation matters to achieve the full compensation they are entitled to, including vocational rehabilitation.

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Obligations: Vocational Rehabilitation

Under Illinois workers’ compensation laws, employers and employees both have obligations related to vocational rehabilitation when an injured worker has permanent restrictions that prevent him or her from returning to his or her former profession.

An employee and his or her attorney must demonstrate that permanent restrictions prevent the injured worker from returning to his or her former job and are negatively affecting the employee’s earning capacity. If the employer cannot accommodate the worker’s permanent restrictions, then the employer must provide vocational rehabilitation for that worker.

What Is Vocational Rehabilitation? Our Attorneys Can Help.

Vocational rehabilitation benefits take many forms, including provided job leads, re-education and the assistance of a vocational counselor to help identify appropriate fields of employment, improve job interviewing skills and resume preparation. For example, learning computer skills through vocational re-education could help a factory worker transition to a less physically demanding job that will allow him or her to continue earning a living at as close as possible to the wage earned before the injury.

What If An Employer Refuses?

If you are denied vocational rehabilitation benefits by your employer, it is in your best interest to take your employer to trial. We have great experience in successfully getting the courts to order your employer to provide vocational counseling and ongoing weekly benefits as long as you are acting in good faith as you search for new employment.

Need Help? Contact One Of Our Belleville Vocational Rehabilitation Lawyers.

We understand how crushing it can be to continue searching for work with no end in sight. As the rejections pile up, it can lead to feelings of worthlessness, fear, anxiety, depression and shame as you worry over what the future holds in store for you and your family. But remember: You are not alone.

You can count on our attorneys to talk you through the process, listen to your concerns and pursue the full benefits to which you are entitled. The first step is documenting your good faith efforts to find employment. The second is to contact us for a free consultation. Weekend and evening appointments are available. We work for our clients on a contingency fee basis; you will not pay us unless and until we have collected what you’re entitled to under the Illinois laws written to protect you.